Inner Transformation:

The Art and Science of Hypnosis


IHA Accredited Hypnotherapy Training

Are you ready to create your new future in helping others overcome challenges in their life faster than they thought possible? As a Hypno-Mastery Certified Hypnotherapist, you will have the knowledge and tools to make rapid transformation in your clients, while creating a career that you can be proud of.

Fully Accredited by the International Hypnosis Association

What We Offer


Why People Need Hypnotherapy?

Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. Whether helping people improve confidence, eliminate self doubt, release fears and phobias, move past anxiety and depression, quit smoking or vaping, lose weight, or really any other life improvement, as a trained hypnotherapist, you can help your clients make permanent subconscious change to live their best life.

Are there any pre-requisites?

No. You just need to bring your desire to genuinely help others, and open mind, and a willingness to put in the work required to follow the course outline and complete the exercises.

What is required for certification?

After completing the course, you will be required to pass a written exam with a passing grade of 80%. You will also be required to submit a video, or schedule a zoom session with one of our staff in order to demonstrate your understanding and ability to use hypnosis in a session. As long as you follow the course outline, you will have no problem passing. Passing the course will qualify for you to join the International Hypnosis Association as a certified Hypnotherapist.

Why Hypno-Mastery Training and Certification?

Simple, we provide you with all the training and tools that go beyond what others provide. You will go from complete beginner, to a International Hypnosis Association certified hypnotherapist, ready to market your skills, and see paying clients upon completion of our training. You will the have skills and knowledge to confidently help people change their lives.

Are there additional trainings available?

Yes, in addition to the hypnotherapist certification, we also offer advanced training for medical hypnosis (for licensed medical and dental practitioners), master hypnotherapist and group hypnosis training. All of these additional trainings require that you have completed the initial hypnotherapy training and maintain your certification in good standing.

Meet Your Trainer

Tim Moore

Tim is a Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Trainer, Speaker and Best Selling Author. He will be taking you from novice to confidently being able to transform lives through hypnotherapy and to start seeing paying clients.

Reeady to help people change their lives?

Online Course

You can take this course from the comfort of your home. The course is broken down into easy to follow modules. New modules are released to you weekly for 8 weeks.

Live Support

In addition to the online course, you will also have direct access to a coach to help you with any questions you have. You will also have access to live group calls (over Zoom)


Learn the ins and outs of marketing your new hypnotherapy business and to establish yourself as an expert in your field and niche.


Upon completion of the course and required final test and demonstrations you will be certified as a professional clinical hypnotherapist ready to start seeing paying customers.

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